On making Decisions


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Many a days have I wracked my brain for, trying to take decisions. I now find most of it un-necessary, for I would have rationalised any decision anyway.

  • Do what you think will make you happy right now
  • If unclear, do what you think is kindest
  • If unclear, do what you think is best for everyone involved
  • If unclear, talk to a friend

I also find the coin-flip method of making decisions very useful. If there are two paths, assign each to one side of the coin, and toss it into the air. Assume you're gonna take the path the coin decides. At the moment right before the coin lands, you will know what you want to do :)

This, ofcourse, usually only applies for personal decisions. When taking difficult technical decisions, talking to peers and experts trumps everything else. Even if you end up not taking their advice.

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