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Research Interests

  • Wearable assistive devices
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Robotics, Automation, Mechatronics, Communication techniques, Signal processing


International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

5-year Bachelors + Masters degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a concentration in Embedded system design.

  • August 2015 to July 2020.
  • M.Tech CGPA: 3.66/4


Decimeter level indoor localisation with a single router • Summer, 2020

For my Masters Thesis, I built a WiFi-CSI based indoor positioning system that achieves a resolution of 10 cm using a single off-the-shelf WiFi Router, and a device with a BCM43455c0 chip, like a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or above. Read more [draft post]

Video: Youtube link


Current Research

  • Practical Fingerprinting based Localisation using WiFi CSI and Particle Filtering.

    Localisation using Fingerprinting is data and effort intensive. A modified form ofparticle filtering can be used to substantially reduce the number of fingerprints neededfor precise localisation.

  • Low Power Wireless Sensor Nodes for Precision Agriculture.

    Low power, inexpensive, wireless sensor network nodes for deployment in agricultureby the Govt. of Karnataka. I’m designing a Raspberry Pi 0w based embedded device,and protocols to safely and efficiently transfer sensor data for processing.

Research Internships

  • The University of Alabama • Summer 2019

    Design and development of a low-power, Bluetooth-Low-Energy embedded sensor sys-tem to measure energy intake in infants.

  • Surgical and Assistive Robotics Lab, IIITB • Summer, 2018

    Design and development of a WiFi-RSSI based indoor positioning system with a res-olution of 4 metres to find and report positions of Dementia patients at NIMHANS, Bangalore.

  • Surgical and Assistive Robotics Lab, IIITB • Summer, 2017

    Designed and built a surgical snake robot for use in Neuro-surgeries and minimallyinvasive cardiac surgeries with NIMHANS.

Selected Projects

  • Satellite Reception System • Summer, 2020

    This is an ongoing project. I’m building a satellite reception system at my home withan RTL-SDR and a home made antenna. So far, I have successfully decoded signals for NOAA 15, 18, 19, Meteor M-2 weather satellites, and a few cube-sats.

  • Python to ARM assembly compiler • Winter, 2018

    As a course project, my friend and I built a rudimentary compiler to transform a smallsubset of Python syntax to ARM Assembly.

  • Visible Light Communication System • Summer, 2017

    We built a system and designed a protocol to send and receive data by modulatinglight using two 555 timers and no micro-controllers.

  • Cellular based Remote Irrigation System • Winter, 2016

    For my first ever electronics project, we made a low cost ($10) phone controlled systemto control agricultural motors. By exploiting the components already present in built-in motor starters, this costs less than 1/5th the price of alternatives commerciallyavailable in India.

Other Research

  • Deploying Agile Wireless Networks with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • IIITB, 2018

    An investigation into the use of Drones and other UAVs to deploy agile wireless net-works and provide robust connectivity, and analysis of 3D placement topologies formaximum network efficiency.


  • A Flexible Surgical Device • July, 2017

    Aravind Reddy, Krishna Nagaraj, Vinay Chandrashekar, Madhav Rao, Vikas V, Laxmi Rao, Subhajit Sen, Debabrata Das, Srikanth T K, Muralidhara V N.

    Indian Patent Application no. 201741024666. (Patent pending)


  • Dr. Madhav Rao

    Electronics and Communication Engineering department, IIIT Bangalore.


  • Dr. Vikas Vazhayil

    National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore.


Teaching Experience

  • EC201: Basic Electronics, EC202: Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory • Aug 2018 - Dec 2019

    I have been the Teaching Assistant for these courses for the past 4 semesters. 96% ofthe student feedback said they would like me to be the TA again for the next semester.

  • GNUplot guide • Aug, 2018

    To help my students plot better graphs, I wrote a tutorial for GNUplot. It’s part of the course website I designed for them.



  • Internet Committee • 2017 - 2020

    I’ve been leading the Internet Committee at IIITB. We make web-pages, and applications for IIITB, debug network errors, and manage network related tickets from students.

  • Uikit with VueJS — Vue cli 3 • October, 2018

    My guide on using UIKit with VueJS, is published in the Oct 2018 newsletter of vueJS.

  • A Trip Down Memory Lane

    My article on the evolution of memory devices over the years is published in 8BIT, the IIITB University Magazine.

Technical Skills

  • Scripting: bash, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Matlab, Java, NodeJS
  • Web-development: NodeJS, Python, VueJS, UIKit, Webpack, HTML, CSS, Javascript, 11ty
  • Hardware: Arduino, RaspberryPi, SIM900A Dualband GSM/GPRS toolkit
  • Machine Learning: LGBM, Random Forests, AutoViml, Pandas, Numpy
  • Fabrication tools: Makerbot 3D printer
  • Software suits: GNU/Octave, Matlab, Autodesk 123D, Docker